It is with great sadness that today (1st April 2020) we must announce the closure of Qube Lotto, effective immediately.
What happened? Well, we are no longer in position to be able to give out free money. To put it simply, we've ran out of money and have no choice but to close down.
It's been a pleasure being able to make hundreds of people happy since January 2019. Thank you for being part of this amazing project.
Here are some questions you may already be wondering about:
  1. Is this an April fools joke?
    • We wish it was, but it is not.
  2. What will happen to my bonus and Scratchies?
    • Unfortunately bonus money will not be paid out as per our Terms of Service agreement. Any unused Scratchies also cease to exist.
  3. What will happen to my personal information?
    • All stored data, including personal information, will be destroyed before the end of April.
So long, and thanks for all the fish. 😉